MPP Secretary General, Chief Cabinet Secretary H.E. Amarbayasgalan Dashzegve delivers opening remarks at the ICAPP Meetings

Өчигдөр 11 цаг 30 минут

H.E. Amarbayasgalan Dashzegve opened the 6th Meeting of the Youth Wing and the 7th Meeting of the Women’s Wing of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP). He welcomed the guests to Mongolia and expressed his appreciation for the organization of the ICAPP Meetings in Mongolia on behalf of the Mongolian government and the Mongolian People’s Party. 

At the beginning of his address, H.E. Amarbaysgalan relayed the greetings from H.E. Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene, MPP Chairman and Prime Minister of Mongolia, who is unable to participate in the Meetings due to an official visit to the United States. He also extended his profound gratitude to ICAPP for their endorsement in organizing this conference, which stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of Asian political parties. 
“The aim of this conference organized in Mongolia after the onset of the pandemic globally is to contribute to the comprehensive development, progress, and prosperity of the Asian region through in-depth discussions, exchange of experiences, sharing of opportunities, and enhancing friendship and cooperation among countries. 
Mongolia's participation in ICAPP activities starting from 2004 and subsequent election as a member of the Standing Committee in 2013, was an important step in expanding our foreign relations. The MPP has a long history of leading progressive reforms in our country and it is our pleasure to share our best practices with the delegates present here today. I believe that our cooperation can create a civil and humane society that guarantees equal opportunities for our citizens, respects human rights, protects social justice, reduces the development gap between urban and rural areas, and allows people to live comfortably wherever they want in the country. I wish you success.”


The Mongolian People's Party is a non-governmental organization, which operates in the fields of involving and supporting its members in the implementation of the mission and programs, promoting the party's concepts and activities, conducting research and analysis, and participating in public works that benefit the citizens.