H.E. Uchral Nyam-Osor has been elected as the Chairman of the ICAPP Youth Wing

22 цаг 43 минутын өмнө

MPP Board Member and President of the Social Democratic Youth of Mongolia Uchral Nyam-Osor was elected as the Chairman of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) Youth Wing.

The ICAPP has several councils representing the common interests of many social groups and the Youth and Women’s Wing Meetings are being held in our country. The 6th Meeting of the ICAPP Youth Wing is being conducted under the theme of "Engaging Young People in Social and Political Dialogue for Post-Pandemic Socio-Economic Progress."

The Mongolian People's Party (MPP) has been granted the right to host these meetings in Mongolia by the ICAPP, the largest political party organization in Asia.

In 2004, MPP began its active participation in ICAPP activities, eventually becoming a member of the Standing Committee in 2013. ICAPP is a global entity that brings together over 350 political parties from more than 50 Asian countries. Its mission is to foster cooperation among parties with differing political perspectives, enhance trust and mutual understanding among nations, and stimulate regional cooperation among political parties.


The Mongolian People's Party is a non-governmental organization, which operates in the fields of involving and supporting its members in the implementation of the mission and programs, promoting the party's concepts and activities, conducting research and analysis, and participating in public works that benefit the citizens.